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I'm Łukasz, a self-taught programmer and pixel artist, born in Poland. I am currently using Unity3D and code in CSharp. For creating pixel-art, I use Aseprite. Things like making a website or useful open-source program are my things too.


Some basic info about the level design in Tervei
April 02, 2019

We have discussed the entire game level design. Everything is going underground, exploring caves and fighting various monsters. The world of the game will be divided into zones, we will pass through them to the outside of the planet. We work on a regular basis, invent zones, their appearance and atmosphere. I invite you to visit our official website climou.com

Again, we create a game together
March 01, 2019

Yes that's true, @karol and I create the game called Tervei. We started to work together over 2 years ago on some small projects and one big as the @climou team. As you can see on that animated gif, we have done a lot of work there. We want to make this game the best we can...

Aurora sprites
December 13, 2018

Woho! Almost all heroine's animations are done. Need to add one for crouch and hanging.

Game got new life
December 05, 2018

Two years ago I called the game Bibi & Pipi, but that was like an codename for that project. Now the game is called Elvenstone Adventures and the heroine name is Aurora. Thourgh these two years I did many changes, but this is (I hope) the last graphics and story change I am doing. It feels and looks pretty good, I think.

New project
September 03, 2018

That's what the alpha version looks like. It comes through maaaany changes and that step is called alpha.

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