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I'm Łukasz, a self-taught programmer and pixel artist, born in Poland. I am currently using Unity3D and code in CSharp. For creating pixel-art, I use Aseprite. Things like making a website or useful open-source program are my things too.


Game got new life
December 05, 2018

Two years ago I called the game Bibi & Pipi, but that was like an codename for that project. Now the game is called Elvenstone Adventures and the heroine name is Aurora. Thourgh these two years I did many changes, but this is (I hope) the last graphics and story change I am doing. It feels and looks pretty good, I think.

New project
September 03, 2018

That's what the alpha version looks like. It comes through maaaany changes and that step is called alpha.

August 13, 2018

I am ready to open my portfolio/blog and share all about my game projects progress etc. Welcome!

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